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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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class timothy eckels, jr. also from married. the navy says he's from manchester and 23 years old. bushel graduated at gaithersburg high in 2009, admittedly we don't know that much about him. his family has asked for privacy during this time. remember, he's still listed as missing. we know a bit more about eckels, the baltimore sun reports he graduated from carroll county's manchester valley high school in 2012. his mom telling the baltimore sun he loved to cook and was an athlete. they are among several missing when the destroyer collided with an oil tanker monday near singapore. four sleeping compartments fleet ad flood -- flooded, the holes 20 feet wide. the navy searched the pacific ocean about 2100 square miles of it and nothing. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> and maryland governor larry hogan released a statement expressing his deepest sympathies tth
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that included the uss mccain has been relieved of his duties. seven sailors died back in june when the uss fitzgerald collided with the container ship off of japan. harvey is now a hurricane, forecasters say harvey is gaining strength and could make landfall tomorrow on the texas gulf coast as a category 3 storm. people in corpus christi are filling up sandbags, the beaches in galveston are closed. heavy rain, high winds and storm surge are the main concerns and people in the hurricane zone are stocking up. >> just getting ready for the storm. you know, i have been through this before, so it's always good to be prepared. >> what we are doing now is prepositioning supplies such as cleanup kits, shovels, comfort kits. >> now, this hurricane could drop as much as 20 inches of rain along the texas gulf coast and there is major flooding likely. the governor of texas has declared a state of disaster in
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storms. you see all of them highlighted on your screen. harvey would be the first major hurricane to hit texas since ike in september of 2008. now, our chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking harvey from the weather center. and this is a doozie. >> it really is and i'm reading some more statements from the national weather service and national hurricane center. we are talking as much as 30 inches of rain possible. harvey category 1 right now, maximum winds 85 miles per hour, moving northwest at 10, about 300 miles southeast of corpus christi but all the conditions are favorable to let this intensify rapidly and become a category 3 storm. so friday afternoon, tomorrow afternoon, winds 125 miles per hour. still offshore. it will probably slow down before it makes landfall so we are thinking landfall in the wee hours of the morning on saturday with winds at least 120 and then it sort of slows almost completely so that's going to increase the breadth of the flooding from this storm. in terms of winds and
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that's going to be the bull's- eye as far as landfall and then look what it does, it does a loop and goes back to the houston area. it can flood folks from houston all the way to corpus christi. hurricane warnings in effect throughout most of the texas coast. in terms of wind fields, tropical storm forced winds will be within 24 hours and then we get into late, look at that, hurricane forced winds lifting corpus christi -- hitting corpus christi through midnight on saturday and through much of saturday morning into the wee hours of the morning so this is going to be a major, major hurricane. we will come back, we will talk about its possible effects on us for the labor day weekend. president trump took another swipe today at the two men he will need to push his agenda through congress. the president tweeted, i requested that mitch mcconnell and paul ryan tie the debt ceiling legislation into the popular va bill which just passed for easy approval. they didn't do it so now we have a big deal with dems holding them up, as usual, on debt ceiling approval. could have been so easy, now
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mess. >> i think the relationships are fine. certainly there are going to be policy ffdierences, but there are also a lot of shared goals and that's what we are focused on. >> we pay debts in this country and continue to do so. i'm not worried that's not going to get done because it's going to get done. >> congress has until the end of september to raise the debt ceiling and to pass a spending bill to prevent a government shutdown. the president has hinted he may veto any spending bill that does not include his $1.6 billion request to build that border wall. witnesses say fbi agents seized at least five pitbull type dogs during an early morning raid in temple hills. that raid was part of a two- year investigation into an alleged credit card fraud and illegal cigarette trading ring. this is according to a federal indictment unsealed late today but the agents also seized the dogs and training devices, according to neighbors. >> never seen dogs until
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when i saw them, you know, taking them out. i saw about five. some was puppies. looked like pitbulls, you know, or rock weilers or something like -- rottweilers or something like that. >> the indictment in the case does not include any animal- related charges. those dogs are now in the care of aspca. a week after surprise inspections turned up spoiled meat and moldy produce at the d.c. safeway, company executives met with ward 7 council member vince gray. gray says he's not convinced the change will happen overnight. he's going to keep the pressure on. here's delia goncalves. >> anything you can tell the folks in ward seven about the conditions of their grocery store? >> very productive meeting. thank you very much. >> reporter: safeway executives gave us a canned response. >> safeway claims they have made a number of changes which are not visible to me. they were telling me i could walk into any store, safeway or otherwise, and see molded, you know, strawberries, that you
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can find meat that past its date in many stores in the district of columbia. i said i'm not talking about many stores. i'm talking about these stores and i saw that. neither one is at a level where i would give it, you know, anything close to a 10 on a scale of one to 10. >> reporter: and what was their explanation as to why it's not a 10, why those stores aren't as good as social safeway or any other safeway west of the river? >> well, in substantial part it was because of the profitability, they said they are not making money in either one of those stores. they are concerned about the so- called negative media. i said the media is what it is at this age. >> reporter: and since last week's story, progress. someone texted me a picture, it's a miracle. more managers than ever. so the challenge is, if they keep it up, right? >> well, that's exactly right. and once the pressure is off, will it change. >> reporter: delia goncalves, wusa9. >> that safeway tells us it has no plans to shut down the stores but they say th
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having trouble keeping staff. now, the company executives say they are working to improve the quality based on an action plan from the council member. they have already switched security companies. get to breaking news out of charleston, south carolina. a deadly police standoff is over. police say a dishwasher fired from a downtown restaurant returned to the place, shot and killed the chef and then took a hostage. after three hours, police shot the gunman. he is now in the hospital in critical condition. his hostage is safe. coming up, the dangerous new social media challenge that left one boy with burns all over his back. but up next, a massachusetts woman decides she spent her last night on the job after looking at her lottery ticket.
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didn't take long for the country's new multimillionaire to come forward. meet mavis wanczyk. she is the mom of three adult children. she is now $7,858,000,000 richer. she is the only winner of last night's powerball jackpot. and she says she found out she won after leaving work at a massachusetts hospital, but this is still sinking in for her. >> last night it was kind of like i was -- i didn't realize i won. today as i'm driving here, i'm still like, oh, this isn't true. this can't be, and then now it's like, i
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am scared but i'll be okay. i had a pipe dream and my pipe dream has finally come true. i wanted to retire in 12 and it came early. >> get yourself a financial planner so that money does not go away. mavis says she will take the lump sum payment, which isn't so bad either, $336 million after taxes. and she is already -- she has already called the hospital where she works to tell them laugh ya -- love ya, mean it but not coming back. the owner of the gas station that sold the winning ticket says he will donate the $50,000 he will receive to local charities. now, the stock market is hitting some record highs. unemployment is at a 16-year low. still, a new survey finds 78% of u.s. workers are living paycheck to paycheck and that's up from 75% last year. now, researchers say the higher cost of living and stagnant wages are hitting workers across the board. if you trim your hl
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survey found that most people aren't willing tohome internet connections or their smartphone. >> you should definitely just sit down, look at all of your bills and call them up to see if you can lower those interest rates, lower those contracts and just see how you can save yourself some money. that will go a long way into helping you not live paycheck to paycheck. >> the survey found that even one in 10 people making more than $100,000 a year say they are waiting for payday to pay the bills. and that women are more likely than men to live paycheck to paycheck. take a look at this video now. it's pretty cool. a lot of you shared it but does it really show the exact line where two oceans meet? we will verify. but up next, two police officers reflect on their life saving efforts to save people from their burning apartment building. i'm wusa9 first alert meteorologist topper shutt. welcome to tackle your tailgate forecast brought to you by as
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little hint of fall in the air in philadelphia. dolphins up the road. partly cloudy and pleasant. now, temps will start out in the low 80s but they will fall into the mid to upper 70s. a few clouds, but right now all the showers stay to the west of philadelphia, so that is good news and, again, considering it's late august. temps in the 70s, that's about picture perfect for
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caught on camera, body footage from the first two officers of the scene of an apartment fire in mesa, arizona. this video shows them going apartment to apartment breaking windows, kicking in doors, trying to get people out of their homes and they ended up carrying out a woman who is now accused of starting the fire. the officers say they were focused on one thing. >> preservation of life is kind of the first thing on your mind, so that's what we are looking to do. making sure everybody is out of there. >> gives you a different perspective. even though you go through it, there are some things you don't remember about it and you go through, you know, like a lot. i can't believe that actually happened. >> the firefighters arrived soon after they quickly put out those flames and they helped to clear out the rest of
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apartmon i last week's fire. the woman accused of setting it is charged with arson and endangerment. the cinnamon challenge, the choking game, there are plenty of dangerous trends out there, encouraging people to make bad decisions to look cool online. but now one mother is warning all of us about a new social media trend that could actually kill you. chris betz explains. >> reporter: if it's this painful to look at, just imagine how much it hurt. >> he was lying on the floor and he was crying. >> reporter: christine young's sons weren't thinking much about those consequences, though, when a neighbor told them about the man challenge. >> so he was pretty much challenging them in their, you know, manly hood. >> reporter: also called the hot water challenge it's a social media trend young had recently heard of, never thinking it would harm her own child. >> i just read about this challenge the week before, last week and like my kids wouldn't -- woul
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>> reporter: but over the weekend -- >> i'm like, oh, what happened. tell me what happened. is everybody okay? he goes, well, no, not really. >> reporter: young would learn a neighbor poured boiling water on her son's back with his permission and right away she knew -- >> sounds like that stupid hot water challenge. >> reporter: now young wants other parents to know, even though you don't think your kids have heard about it, there's a chance someone else has. >> no matter how stupid things look online, your kids aren't above trying them because they are kids and they are curious. >> reporter: so talk to them, warn them about the risks so they don't suffer for a social media challenge. >> that is so hard to look at. you know, some people doing that hot water challenge swallow the boiling water through a straw. they say -- this 8-year-old died a few months after she did that. doctors say if you swallow boiling water, that can permanently damage your esophagus and your wind pipe, just don't do it.
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this viral video is the real take or completely fake. so all over social media people have been sharing videos like this one where they claim that this is the line right here where the atlantic and the pacific ocean meet in the gulf of cas. you can see there's a clear split. you see the blue, you see the green. this is a pretty awesome photo that you should share with your friends, right? or is it just some clever photo shop? well, our verify team got on it and we spoke with anna aguilar, she is an associate professor in the college of fisheries and ocean sciences at the university of fairbanks, alaska. we go the distance. >> so you have these really highly particle laden water masks and then you have the coastal water, which is fairly clear compared to that and when the two come together, the water flows on top of the coastal water and you see the sharp division of the two
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>> ah, so anna explained that eroding glaciers bordering the atlantic created iron rich flour that's naturally nontoxic. are you following this? and that creates the color difference visible by nasa cameras. omg. anna was part of the research team led by her ph.d. advisor and santa cruz oceanographer kenneth betterlin who took -- burrlin who took photos in the alaska gulf in the expedition. the viral videos have it wrong. anna says the photos are not a clear line between the atlantic and the pacific oceans in alaska. >> the atlantic and the pacific water in these pictures are definitely not coming together. what we have is the river water is lifting the coastal water and therefore it rides on top
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>> okay, topper, i'm going to ask you to give this to me in english but pretty me finish this -- let me finish this first. nasa gave us an aerial view of the phenomena. take a look at these other pictures, pictures from the coast of spain, off the mississippi river, the gulf of mexico, madagascar. you see where we are going here? this is a fake. this is not true. this is not a photo where the oceans meet. stop sharing it. just stop it. now will you please translate what we heard? >> i cannot. i took some oceanography, i wasn't a fan of it. >> don't you know that stuff? >> again, i took oceanography and i remembered how much i didn't like it and she reminded me how much i didn't like it. >> i'm glad you like meteorology and you're accurate most of the time. >> talk about the satellite picture of this hurricane. you will see an eye, maximum winds are 85 miles per hour. movement is off to the northwest at 10. there's the eye righ
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of corpus christi and i'm sometein statements that are scary but they are trying to get the point across that these folks in the line, in the path of this, essentially north of brownsville, up to just south of houston are going to have a devastating storm hit in the wee hours of the morning on saturday. 3-degree guarantee, made a mistake, had to correct this. we went 82 today for a high. we will let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. always a little bit nervous. a live look outside, we are looking at temperatures just so comfortable. partly cloudy skies, look at this, 81, feels like 81. dew points mid-50s. that is a victory for august, humidity only 41%. so headlines, cool with some showers overnight. but they were not going to get here until late, probably either side of midnight, bus stop temperatures 56 to 74. they will be gone by the time you go to the bus stop or do something in the morning early. returning partly cloudy tomorrow and nice, maybe an isolated shower, spectacular weekend. go ahead and make plans and one reason it's spectacular is becaus
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81 tomorrow, 80 on saturday, 79 sunday, monday and tuesday. our average high is falling but it's still 86. so tonight some clouds come in by 9:00 and then by 10:00 showers off to the west and those showers move through overnight but again nothing heavy and they will roll out of here in time for the morning commute. 60s to start, 74 by 11:00, maybe a sprinkle, just isolated sprinkle in the afternoon tomorrow, 77, not a huge deal. beautiful on saturday, 80, beautiful on sunday 79. next seven days, monday still gorgeous, 79, that's in -- nats in town through next wednesday, showers and storms creep in here next tuesday and wednesday. those are unrelated to harvey and back to 84 by the time we get to thursday. football report from
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now wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan, brought to you by xfy.
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that's what the redskins will te media, we will say probably the opposite. first two preseason games have not been sharp, specifically for the redskins offense but they got a chance to start changing our minds and changing that tune on sunday afternoon, 4:30, this is the dress rehearsal so we will see a lot of the redskins starters going up against the cincinnati bengals. they say don't panic but say they have got to improve in some areas, specifically against the bengals. >> we have acknowledged so far this preseason we haven't been good enough for what we want to do this regular season and we are excited for the chance on sunday to start trying to put our best food forward and put a better product on the field. >> just not be three and out on our first drive. i think that's big. we need to feel like we need to put a long drive together and control the clock, pretty much just keep our defense off the field as much as we can. >> and guess what starts tonight? high school football in the
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road visiting falls church. we want to get you involved with us at wusa9, tweet us at our handle @sports or our facebook page 9-wusa9 facebook sports -- sports -- . going to be a good weekend for football. >> for august, perfect. >> yeah. >> can you say around 80 on friday, saturday, near 80 on sunday and just a couple of sprinkles tomorrow but don't worry about that. >> we've got in excuses. you have done your part. >> thank you. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is back. adam will be back at 7:00 and the rest of us
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